Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Great Providers

Danish Cowboy and his Florida friends went hunting this past weekend for elk in the glorious Missori River Breaks country of Garfield County, Montana. It is a beautiful yet desolate place.

The elk are here in this picture.

What do you mean you can't see them? They're right there. No. There. No, that tree off to the right a little bit. No, no, no. THAT tree. There.

The hunters are in these pictures. Isn't that sunset just gorgeous? That guy really was there. Honest. He's from Florida and this picture is no rival to a sunset over the Gulf. And I'll fight to the end to prove it. The colors of Montana have no rivals.

And here are the great providers toting back their kill. They SAY it was a lot of hard work. I have no doubt that it was. Please note what appears to be a leg in the foreground. Why they didn't pack that out out for me to boil up for supper is beyond my imagination.

This is the Danish Cowboy toting back the head so that we may feast on freshly boiled brains. What's that you say, DC? We don't eat the brains? You plan on boiling the skull and mounting it on the wall of our new house? This house that I'm living in now? Above our bed as a romantic gesture of your love for me?

That's right, dear daughter. That's right. My thoughts exactly.

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