Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Facebook discovered.

Over the course of the last 6 years, I've had various debates amongst all my personalities regarding the virtures of staying in Montana versus moving to a more, shall we say, populated location. You know -- a place that actually has a produce department in the grocery store. With non-mushy apples. And pineapples. And avocados. And boxes of cake mix that aren't expired due to the sheer lack of purchasing power of a community of population three.

And I whine occasionally about how I can't keep in touch with my friends. E-mail is so yesterday, I cry to my husband. I can't possibly e-mail them. That is so, like, uncool.

But I always remember that I love Montana, love having my horses around where they can grace with their beauty, love going running in the evening with coyotes howling from a far off place.

And then, in a moment of emotional duress, which I very rarely experience, I go back to whining.

So, what a pleasant surprise to get an e-mail from Facebook saying that someone considered me a friend. And what's more -- this person actually was my friend a long time ago in a far off place (it sounds like a fairy tale, but it was more of a dirty fraternity house on a drunken college campus). Anyway, as it turns out me and my friends made it through our drunken stupors and we now exist in this weird electronic world called Facebook. It's cool but freaky in that "I know what you're doing at all minutes of the day" kind of way.

I mean really. Can you imagine what, say, John F Kennedy would think of this? It sure would have made life a little easier for the Civil War brides if they had known that Jesse was at Gettysburg fightin' for his Confederacy and posted pictures of the battle.

It's crazy. It's an abomination and shows how warped we are. Just a second. I got an e-mail notification.

Hey -- somebody wants to be my friend on Facebook. Gotta go!

Be Well!

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