Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Babes in Disguise

Editor's Note: We escorted two HORSEYS around our little town on Saturday evening. We did not, no matter what the pictures show, take a unicorn and a bear in and out of their car seats countless times.

Unlike some places that I know of that allow for trick-or-treating on nights that are distinctly not Halloween, we wander the town on October 31, goblins or not.
I am not a make-up artist. But I did have fun. And they thought they were beautiful.
If you don't think this unicorn/horsey profile is funny, there is something wrong with you.It was at our first trick-or-treat stop that I noticed something was wrong with my little bear/horsey: yes, that is a tag sticking out of the FRONT. Upon closer inspection, his claws were upside down and his little potbelly was on his back! I did not dress the child. The person in the family who had issues with onesies dressed him.
However, this wasn't just a little clothing misunderstanding. As I sifted through my pictures later that night, I discovered that it had deeper roots in the fact that we started dressing the kids at approximately 5:50 p.m. and the sports highlights came on the local news. I thought we had already watched the Griz game and that he knew who won, but apparently not.
I can only imagine how the bear costume would have been applied to his body had it been playoff season.


  1. Love the horseys! Spider girl is anxiously awaiting your arrival and the all weekend sleepover at Grandma's house! Safe travels!

  2. The pictures of Kevin are so typical - of dads, not just Kevin. Too cute!