Saturday, December 19, 2009

The 12 Days of Christmas #5

This cat is the reincarnation of someone I once unknowingly made fun of. What goes around comes around, right? Well, this cat is the come around part. I don't really care for the feline species in general, although I am partial to momma cat, who gave birth this past spring to the single orange kitten shown above, and in so doing created a daily battle of wills about who is allowed in the house and who is not. Dogs and people are allowed in the house. Cats are not.

That cat is also one of the reasons that my bird feeding fancy is suffering. Cats eat birds. Birds stay away. So I am left with boring but cute little sparrows and chickadees although I hold out hope for stray cardinals and woodpeckers.
Argo is the other reason that my bird feeding fancy is struggling. Danish Cowboy once bought me a wood and plexiglass bird feeder for Christmas. I filled it and excitedly hung it out in the tree grove awaiting the arrival of the birds. The birds did not come. And Argo smelled the corn and pulled off the feeding tray, emptying the contents across the snow. So I nailed it together and attached it to a wooden fence post. Argo ripped it apart. I nailed it back together and attached it to a fence post that Argo could not reach. All was well until I tied him next to the bird feeder while saddling him and you guessed it, he ripped it apart. The bird feeder was so full of nails that I couldn't align the plexiglass in it and we had to ceremoniously discard of it in a fire. I took to scattering seed across the snow for the birds to peck at, but this was neither convenient nor satisfying.
So my frugal self grudingly gave in to my dreamy self and I bought a new feeder. And though I know that there are birds using it under cover of darkness or some other time when I'm not looking, I have yet to really see what they are or capture them in a picture. However, winter is long and only beginning and I hold out lots of hope for the cold days ahead.

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