Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Education

The weekend is over and what an eventful one it was. I feel fortunate that it was also an informative one for me. Here's what I learned: Number one is that spring is here. The bunch grasses are slowly greening up around their crowns, the animals are wandering farther from their hay in search of fresh pasture. The whole prairie will soon turn from a monotonous shade of brown to a verdant green.
The number two item that I learned from my kids is that I can make a calf. It's true. Danish Cowboy and the kids were out on the tractor on Friday evening feeding. A cow was having a very difficult time calving and had become hiplocked (the calf's hips fail to pass through the mother's pelvis). Danish Cowboy motioned me out on the four wheeler and while he took it back to the barn to gather the necessary equipment to help the calf out, the cow laid down on her side and began pushing. I pulled mightily in time with her contractions and out popped baby calf, much to the kids' delight! I was told all weekend that I had made a baby calf. Such powers! And then I ran a different cow through the fence and we had to fix the mess that was made. However, I promptly returned to gloating over my calf-making abilities all through dinner.The number three item I learned is that apparently, unbeknownst to me, I am pregnant. Unlike my calf-making powers, this is not true. You can imagine my mother-in-law's surprise when she heard second-hand that she was going to be having another grandchild. You can imagine Danish Cowboy's surprise when he learned (third-hand?) he was going to be having another kid. And you can imagine my eyes rolling uncontrollably when I learned (fourth-hand?) that I was with child. No word yet on when the kid is due or if it is even limited to one kid. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.
Number four revelation for the weekend: Having potty trained twins is awesome.

Yes, awesome with one exception. When you live in the country there are few restrooms available and they learn early on that sometimes you have to go potty al fresco. And then they decide that EVERY time they go potty, it should be outside. So when I leave them outside to play for a few minutes all by themselves, I can rest assured that one will soon be squatting in the gravel and the other will be delightedly seeing just how far he can make that stream reach.
Much like Lewis and Clark in this very same region 200 years ago, they are constantly searching out new places to mark their territory.
After all, the cows seem to consider the world their restroom, why shouldn't we?

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