Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bam! Spring Arrives

I kind of lost my will to blog for a a few weeks there.  It's probably been a week since I've even thought about snapping a picture.  The wind, the cold, the idea that spring might never arrive:  it just became too much for me.  And calving season brings tiredness.  Not that we are necessarily an insanely busy family during late March and early April, but the checking of the cows for impending signs of pregnancy can be exhausting for Danish Cowboy when you are looking at them all day and then must arise at 10:00, 2:00 and 6:00 through the night.  I am not one to allow somebody to be exhausted by themselves, so I play right along.  Thus, no blog!
However, life is once more getting exciting in a quick hurry.  The potatoes have been planted, though I was eight days late for the plant on Good Friday edict (though my research shows that this really only applied to the southeast and obviously I do not live there, so no worries!).  Danish Cowboy and his brother are busily seeding forage peas, hay barley and wheat, the cows are almost done with their baby-making thing, and we have gone from staring at each other inside the house for days on end to serving supper at 9:00 at night.  There are many exciting yard projects in the works, peas and lettuce need to be planted, housework needs to be done before spring guests arrive!
Weekend evening drives are returning to life, too.  We load up the family and travel the hills to look at the calves, with the sighting of old Speckle-Face and her black baldy calf being the highlight of the evening.  The calves will soon lose their cuteness, however, and we'll turn to looking at crops on our drives.
However, whatever is on the agenda for looking at on these evening warm weather drives will be just fine for me.  Spring means the glorious colors of eastern Montana return.  The meadowlarks sing their sharp song as they sit on the barbed wire fence, the grass greens up, the lilacs are the first woody plant to bud, the cows become peaceful once again as they set out for the summer to do their job.  Life is a bit more meaningful when things need to be tended to and the chores consume the entire day.  I might complain about the humdrums of winter, but never about the inability to get everything done that I want to during the spring, summer and fall.  Hard work brings the most lovely kind of satisfaction.

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