Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Never underestimate the alluring charm of Nor' Dakota is what I like to tell people.  I'm not from there but I do live right next to it.

Despite the distinct lack of mountains, it has a special beauty all its own and is worth the visit.  Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the Red River Valley, the badlands and the sunflowers blooming in the August sunshine.  (I'm ignoring the oil pumping platforms and uncontrolled growth, but not every state can be perfect!)
The most charming part of all though are the roadside attractions so typical of the Midwest that dot I-94 as you drive in an east-west direction across the state.  On a recent trip to Pennsylvania to visit family, the kids and I made it our mission to stop at Salem Sue of New Salem, North Dakota on our return drive home. 
 She looms over the prairie, standing just below the crest of a rocky hill above the town. 
The gravel road winds its way closer and you get a true appreciation for just how large she is.  And you also notice that you are the only one adventurous enough on a lazy Sunday afternoon to go visit her.

38' high!  A tribute to the dairy industry in the region!  The high school sports teams are called the "Holsteins!"  Interesting.
Salem Sue has a relative in Jamestown, North Dakota which I believe is the worlds largest buffalo.  We'll get there someday.  I promised the kids we would.
Note the wires that are attached to Sue to keep her upright through the ferocious prairie winds that are known to sweep across these parts.
We tried to milk her, but it was all for naught.

But we still enjoyed spending time with her.

 What a view she has.  Montana off to the west and Salem Sue looking straight north to Canada.
She's a beauty, this Salem Sue!  Blue eyes, perfectly shaped hooves and full udders.  You should go see her for yourself sometime.  Nor' Dakota...there's no place like it!

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