Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 Stay-cation Blog Post #1

Most people take long Sunday afternoon drives around the country and end up at a lovely little country ice cream parlor (Does anyone remember Davis's in M-burg, PA? Mmmm...root beer floats.) We don't. Danish Cowboy usually quits working around 6:00 on Sundays in the summer and we hop in the pick-up and take a quick little spin around the farm to see what we can see and talk about how good our weekly frozen pizza dinner is going to be.

Tonight was the annual winter wheat tour wherein we ooh and aah about the progress of the crop, pray that it doesn't get hailed out and scan the fields for rogue winter rye plants which we pick by hand (which is another blog in and of itself).
And of course there are the pictures. Danish Cowboy is beyond superstituous when it comes to these sorts of things. Every year since I have met him we have taken pictures of us standing in the winter wheat. And generally, the crop does not disappoint. So in order to ensure a successful harvest in about a month or so, I bring out the camera and start snapping. First me with the kids, then Danish cowboy with the kids, then Tucker Dog taking a picture of the whole family.
And then, just for fun, we abandoned the kids in the field because who doesn't want to see adorable pictures of kids in a wheat field standing taller than my little people?

It was a doomed idea.

They have almost completely fallen apart and still I keep taking pictures.
Because who doesn't love a great series of progressive action shots?
At least there's one nice adult in this family -- my kids' own personal hero. Every child should have one.

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