Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 Stay-cation Blog Post #2

Hay season is in full swing around here now. Haying at the Home Place below the rock hills.
Haying at Hesselgessser's way down south. Every piece of land has a name, usually based on who it was purchased from or the person that homesteaded it but who is now long gone. Mike's, the Pardis Place, the Yarger Place, and the railroad section are all names that I have come to recognize. These places also have official legal names such as the Southwest 1/4 of Section 8 Township 28 North, Range 75 East. That's not very exciting, now is it?
Danish Cowboy spends hours of the day in the swather but occasionally hops out to make sure he is cutting everything at a proper height. He also leaves a small 6 inch strip of grass/alfalfa standing every few passes. This helps to act as a snowcatch, on the off-chance that we should ever receive any snow.
Since the kids and I are on stay-cation this week, our job is to load everything up in the big orange pick-up and pick Danish Cowboy up in the field after a long day of work. (We would probably have to go do this anyway, but it's a lot more fun if I haven't been working all day long.)

For our efforts, we also get to ride in the swather for a few trips up and down the field.

And as a bonus, I learned a new word for the day: weather-checked. As in, "these tires are so old that they have become weather-checked and will have to be replaced soon." Sometimes I think Danish Cowboy withholds information from me so that he can impress me all through the many years of our marriage. He just throws these wonderful tidbits of farm life out randomly and makes me fall in love all over again.
And as a bonus for the kids, they are treated to juice packets,
which I have come to discover is a fine way to end a long afternoon in the field.

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