Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2009 Stay-cation Blog Post #4

I love me some stay-cation time! My garden beds are all now officially weed free.

The 9 month old holes in the walls are patched, the bedroom trim is cut, the swingset and stairs are stained, and the house is in total chaos.

I have mowed the lawn, installed all of the necessary micro-irrigation systems, taken a long nap every afternoon and squeezed every bit of relaxation out of this wonderful week that is possible.

And the best part? A week and a half of undivided time with the kids.

We have played in the pool, gone down the slide, chased bulls, and stayed in our pajamas until 10:30 in the morning.
I have rediscovered the simple joy of pretend play,
and come to look forward to snack time as much as the little people.

I have also learned that once they start talking, they don't stop. If she stopped asking "what is that" and stopped telling me about the bull that "bit" her hand, she too might have her popsicle finished. But I hope she doesn't stop. Their little sing-song voices please me to my very core. Besides, a little melted popsicle juice never hurt anyone.

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