Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009 Stay-cation Blog Post #5

Did you know that the 90 degree angle was a relatively new introduction to the world of home construction? I only recently learned of its value as I went through most of western Montana's old growth forest in order to properly cut baseboard trim for one room and in so doing discovered that the walls are not at 90 degrees. Or even at 89 degrees.
It's true. There is no way that people knew about 90 degrees way back in 1928. You see, my farmhouse is one of The Homes that Sears Built. It is a Sears and Roebuck kit home that arrived in its many parts and pieces on a railroad car at Brockway. Danish Cowboy's grandfather (who actually was born in Denmark) used a horse and wagon to make many treks back and forth to gather the pieces and then assemble the home. I joke about the walls being a little off, but I love this place! And besides, after 80 years and the house being lifted to put a basement under it and a front entryway being added and an addition being added, and various sorts of severe weather pounding you, and countless coats of paint, you probably wouldn't be perfect, either.
And so, since last September, we have been attempting to make this place our own. My husband's mother moved to town and the house became ours. No one had lived upstairs in quite some time and I was determined that the blue shag had to go.

And so it did.
The blue shag even extended up the wall about six inches, acting as a sort of art deco trim. I just couldn't take it and ripped it up only to discover the original old plank hardwood floors. It just about killed me to cover them up with more carpet, but if you can imagine this I just don't have the time right now to refinish hardwood floors. That day will come though. It will come.

I just love the little eccentricities that dot the place. These sweet closets with doors that are only about 5 feet tall. Note how the original trim at the top of the door is narrower at the left hand side and grows wider toward the right. And the old farmhouse doors with metal knobs -- priceless!
We still have a lot of work to do, but getting the trim up after nine months is a major accomplishment for us. Really.
And please pass this note along to any of your plumber friends looking for pro bono work: Danish Cowboy's grandfather opted to NOT have a bathroom upstairs. Actually, he opted for no running water at all at the very beginning. So what I'm hinting at is this: anyone interested in installing a bathroom? For free? I'll feed you. And give you a tractor ride.

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  1. Looks like a whole new place! Nice carpet choice. Can't wait to see it!