Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Charcoal Sale!

When it's Tuesday and the charcoal at the local True Value is on sale, that can mean one thing and one thing only: it is time to dig the old school grill out of storage in the barn and hose off the cobwebs and other unsavory items (the heat kills everything the hose misses, don't worry)! Tuesday steak and s'mores night! Tuesday steak and s'mores night! Tuesday steak and s'mores night! This might turn into a weekly habit.

Being re-introduced to the world of charcoal grilling, I seriously underestimated the time it would take to get the grill prepared. Thankfully my kids will patiently pretend that they are sleeping,

and happily spend time playing outside before supper while mama waits for the coals turn to gray.

The prelude to the main s'mores event was steak and roasted new potatoes and shallots fresh from my garden. Mmmm...tenderloin. Home-grown. Grass-fed. Sound rich? Well, when you live on a Montana cattle ranch, it's acceptable to eat steak often. Very often, sometimes. And after ten years of vegetarianism, I have a lot of catching up to do.

I found the graham crackers in the cupboard, slightly stale. Hershey's bars on sale at 5 for $3.00. Marshmallows only $9.00 per bag at our local rural grocery. Do you think the owners know that we are many miles from any other sort of food proprietor?

Okay, they weren't really $9.00, but sometimes it feels that way. Danish Cowboy demonstrated his technique of perfectly toasting the marshmallows in a patient and methodical manner.
I chose the route that leads to instantaneous gratification and burnt them. If you're wondering why we don't just build a campfire out here in the middle of nowhere, Danish Cowboy won't let me. Something about 50 mile an hour winds and crispy brown grass beyond our yard. And also wood is scarce given that there are no trees. I could go gather old cedar fence posts thrown by the way side, but it's rattlesnake season and besides, the charcoal was on sale. Remember?

Can I tell you how much fun it was to introduce the kids to the magic of s'mores? It was really fun.
Really, really fun.
Good, old-fashioned fun to see them enjoying this treat on a random Tuesday night. It's the stuff that childhood memories are made of. Like catching fireflies while dressed in pajamas on a clear, calm summer evening. Or running down the beach finding magic in each and every seashell that you happen upon.
But all good things must come to an end and it happened when the s'mores stuck her fingers together. So we turned the sprinkler system on and played in the water and went to bed way too late. In preparation for next Tuesday when everyone across the United States will join us for steak and s'mores night (or at least s'mores night), ask yourself this:
What precious memories have you made for your loved ones lately?


  1. Love the last picture! You have such great stories!

  2. I am envious that you can have the time to do these things, be thankful for that.

  3. Oh, I am so thankful! We HAVE to make time for these things in our lives, for our kids' sakes as well as ours. Let the laundry go! Skip the dusting! My hubby is so very, very busy in the summer that it is difficult to have evenings like this. We take them when we get them and soak up every bit of happiness that we can to last us through the next few evenings that are always sure to be hurried through.