Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dragonflies and Fairy Dust

I strongly dislike bugs. Just watching children play with them, even if the bugs are dead, can send a chill down my spine. But when I spotted these marvelous critters flitting about the yard, I fell in love (from a distance, of course).My camera, however, did not fall immediately in love. At first it managed to get nothing in focus.
Then we discovered the macro setting and look! Just look at the beautiful veins on those pumpkin leaves!

And look at those brilliantly green carrot tops with a weird red spot on them.But when my camera and I finally got in sync, I discovered how cool dragonflies are.
Elusive, but very beautiful. Their wings fringed with gold, their colors bolder than most found in nature,
I am thankful that evolution remembered to throw some beauty and mystery into the animal kingdom.

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