Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm fairly confident that unless you live in eastern Montana, you didn't hear about our recent weather. It may have snowed 2-4 inches in New York City or rained a bit in California, but our part of the United States is a big black hole to most weathermen. Even the TV meteorologists from Billings tend to stand directly in front of the spot where our house is on the map.
Our official tally yesterday afternoon was about 12 inches. As of last night it was up to about 15 inches. It's not a huge amount of snow, but the wind started blowing about halfway through the storm.
Dry snow and 40 mile an hour winds mean drifts. Big drifts and little drifts and long drifts and short drifts.
It means that we become prisoners in our own home, not even able to look outside as snow becomes plastered to windows on the west side of the house,
the south side of the house,
and also the north and east sides of the house.We sent the little man out to shovel, but the drift at the end of our driveway was taller than him.

The highways are officially closed and our gravel road that leads to civilization is more than likely completely drifted in. The wind is still going strong, making any efforts at snow removal pretty much pointless. The best part of this weather remains unchanged from childhood: Snow Day!

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