Tuesday, January 19, 2010

True Love

In yet another bold and surprising move, Danish Cowboy purchased another homebrewing gift certificate for me this year. I love this man!

You're probably wondering how that chianti from last winter turned out, aren't you? Not very well. It had promise, it really did. While I've tried to open a bottle every so often and enjoy it, that finally became impossible this weekend. This wine has a head bigger than that of a Guinness and a taste to it which absolutely knocks your socks off in a "Yowsers!" sort of way. Some corks have actually exploded out of the bottles. The problem may be that I got lazy and failed to de-gas it properly. Or I didn't adequately kill the yeasties off and a malolactic fermentation happened. This sort of thing is not good and can apparently lead to a beverage that reminds you of the flavor of cured meats. While I do not detect notes of ham or bacon in the wine, it still tastes like ass, much like it did when I bottled it.

So I'm turning to beer making this time around. The ingredients should arrive by week's end. I'll keep you filled in on all the juicy details.

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