Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harvest Scenes Part II

Our harvest was finished three weeks ago on one of the last beautiful days of summer.  We consider ourselves lucky because the cool and rainy weather of fall  has set in early.  Way too early in some cases.

The entire growing season was marked with wet weather which meant yields have been high.  It also means that the crops ripened late and there is a great deal of grain still standing in the field.  At a certain point, the wheat berries will even begin to sprout while on the stalk, or so I am told.
It is then rendered useless for harvest/human use and will most likely be cut as livestock feed at a tremendous financial loss to the producer.

Remember the old saying:  nothing's certain in life but death and taxes.  So goes it for the farming and ranching game, too.
There's a reason that the locals call eastern Montana "Next Year Country." 
Getting the stars to align (in the weather, pest, weed, financial, mechanical and many other areas) throughout the year is tricky business and not for the faint of heart. 

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