Monday, October 4, 2010

The Perfect Day

 Sometimes we get Autumn.  Sometimes we don't.  Although a brief mid-September snowstorm threatened to put a damper on the fun that can be associated with fall activitities, October is shaping up to be the perfect month of Autumn that it should be.

So on Saturday morning, Danish Cowboy and the other adults in the party headed out at daybreak to gather a portion of our cows out of the pasture and head them east towards home so that the calves can be conditioned prior to shipping them in a few weeks.  I was left behind with the kids and horses (which tend to merge into one on some days in terms of money spent, frustrations caused, tears shed, and love expended) to meet them at about the halfway point.  Three riders, three four wheelers, a side-by-side utility vehicle and two pick-ups with horse trailers comprised our group.
The cows didn't have a chance. 

Argo behaved.
My kids got to hang out with their favorite people and do things that would ordinarily send fear into their mother's heart.
These are the reasons that I love living here:  fresh air in your face while on the back of a good horse, the opportunity for horseback photography, calves trying to steal some of their mother's milk while everybody is on the move, the exhaustion that hits you when you return to the house, the knowledge that we are just days away from wrapping up another year of production.  It's a good life.

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