Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Red Feather

There comes a time in every horse's life when they get to retire. For Joe, retirement comes in the form of endless days in the pasture, some special senior feed to help him keep up his weight, and perhaps the occasional short ride to enjoy the beauty of the day. Not that he ever worked too hard to begin with, but cattle work has just become too much for him to keep up with. He is 26 and as beautiful as ever.

Enter Red Feather. He is a somewhat distant relative to Joe and was purchased from the same breeder that Joe was purchased from 24 years ago. That's a long time to be raising horses, especially the same bloodlines. His dad is a 3/4 brother to Joe. Red Feather (or Fedder as the kids like to say) is four years old and just getting started in his career.

He was purchased with the intent that Danish Cowboy would use him for cattle work. His devotion is falling towards my little girl, though. She loves all things soft and what could be better than a thousand pounds of velvety nose, tangled mane, and hairy ears.
What is it about girls and horses?

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  1. Thank goodness I found out what happened to Joe because a cute little niece was wondering what would become of him and what Fedder looks like!