Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jesus & the Peanut Butter Egg

There's probably not a passage in the bible that says "thou shalt distribute multi-colored eggs filled with candy and goodies on the day before Easter,"
but by golly, I love this tradition! My kids have been practicing for weeks and though they have now tired of Easter Egg Hunts and the pressure to perform, we'll certainly look forward to them next year.Yes, even though one got cactus stuck in her pants and we were the last family to the finish (we couldn't leave any eggs uncollected, of course), it was a delightful experience.And for the parents like myself, I'm also thankful for that little known passage in the bible that decrees "thou shalt consume peanut butter eggs during March and April."
I can remember as a little kid looking forward to going to church during Lent because there was the possibility that it would be our week to take home a peanut butter egg. We probably received more than one peanut butter egg during the season in those early years, but they disappeared so quickly that the number seemed minimal. When my dear mom sent me six (yes, six!) of these eggs this year, it seemed as though I had hit the jackpot. But there was something different about them.

I remember a peanut butter egg in a generic piece of waxed paper stapled shut. A permanent marker was then taken to them to denote either a C for coconut or P for peanut butter. There were no ingredients listed, no display of origin. Back then, parents had to be responsible for discerning that a peanut butter egg did indeed have peanut butter in it, so they had best not let their allergic child consume it.

Oh, how the times have changed! They are now hermetically sealed with a distinct listing of ingredients. Thank goodness today's parents no longer have to worry about their child consuming peanut butter AND the staples in the wax paper.
I really don't care how they arrive, though. The packaging is quite nice and the peanut butter egg is still to die for! Creamy on the inside with just a hint of chocolate. As in days of old, we slice the peanut butter egg in pieces so as to save some for later. We then become surprised when, 45 minutes later, the entire egg has been consumed. No worries, though. Danish Cowboy says that there's peanut butter in them, so they're not that bad for you.

Thanks for the present, Mom and Dad!


  1. I love Easter Egg hunts. We had one for five kids in my new house :-)

    Do you ever find eggs you'd forgotten about though, weeks later? I really struggle to remember where I've hid them all, until it's too late!

  2. they dont taste the same in plastic!! bring wax paper back!!!!